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Think Tomorrow Skills Exchange 2023

"With Think Tomorrow we are on a journey to earn the freedom to build what we love, in a way that makes a real difference. We want to contribute towards the development of independently owned businesses, future industry talent and entrepreneurs, while supporting NPO’s like Education Africa. Contributing through training, funding and facilitating networking opportunities to enable everyone to help to build our tomorrow."

- Madelaine Keyser, Co-Founder of Think Tomorrow and Head of Strategy at Think Leverage.

What if we could build our tomorrow in a way that makes a real difference?



Rising talent, social entrepreneurs, and non-profit organisation (NPO) workers face barriers in accessing essential practical skills and networking opportunities crucial for their success. Affordability also remains a significant hurdle for many in acquiring these resources. Simultaneously, Education Africa, an NPO dedicated to poverty alleviation through education, was in need of funding to enhance their awareness initiatives.


The Think Tomorrow Skills Exchange addressed these challenges by establishing a unique ecosystem in which attendees had the opportunity to make tax-deductible donations to Education Africa to gain access to upskill training and networking opportunities with industry experts typically beyond their reach. This platform also facilitated collaboration among like-minded peers, fostering valuable collaborations.


Specialised Training Sessions Facilitated by Experts:

The program featured targeted skills sessions aimed at bridging gaps in high-demand areas. Each session was tailored to meet the specific needs of its intended audience, delivered by a duo or trio of experts providing a comprehensive perspective on the topics in an interactive and engaging format.

  1. Marketing Newcomers get the right foot in the door: For Marketing students and emerging talents

  2. Cracking unconventional insights and marketing tactics: For Strategists and seasoned marketers

  3. Building and thriving in a high-performance culture: For Entrepreneurs, high achievers, and executives

  4. Build your own brand and business: For Entrepreneurs, NPOs, and executives

  5. Women Know Your Worth: For Women executives and entrepreneurs

  6. The Basics of Digital Marketing: For Strategists, entrepreneurs, and NPOs


Networking Opportunities: In each training session, we introduced a unique "speed-dating" styled networking segment during intervals. This provided attendees with the chance to connect with like-minded participants who shared similar passions and purposes.

This networking opportunity was a highlight for attendees, enabling them to establish at least three new connections. This helped forge valuable relationships, potentially leading to exciting collaborations and even resulted in career opportunities.


Pay it forward to Education Africa:

To enrol in a training session, participants were asked to make a direct donation

of R250 to the NPO, Education Africa's account, and in acknowledgment of their contribution, participants were provided with an 18A Tax Certificate for their donation. These contributions supported the NPO's fundraising efforts, specifically aiding their Early Childhood Development projects and trainer training initiatives.

Additionally, to support students keen on attending the workshops, we funded their participation in each training session by making donations to Education Africa on their behalf. This initiative ensured that students had the opportunity to learn and grow through the workshops without financial constraints.



  • 120 new connections made

  • Over R20 000 raised & awareness raised for Education Africa

  • Some students found employment opportunities through the networking sessions


"Education Africa has been around for over three decades making real change happen by providing poverty alleviation through education.

Think Tomorrow creates networks that brought experts into Education Africa to help with our corporate identity, to help package ourselves, to help with our marketing message, and most importantly to create the tools that would enable us to go out there and raise further funding so we can educate, equip and empower.

That part of the shift with Think Tomorrow is very meaningful to us and will make a big difference."

Testimonial from James Urdang, founder of the NPO Education Africa


"Over the course of 6 Saturdays I immersed myself in a wealth of knowledge and skill-building sessions aimed at earning the freedom to build what I love while making a difference. We learnt it all from unconventional marketing tactics to embracing the basics of digital marketing, each session had expert trainers who fueled my passion and drive.

My favourite part of all the sessions would be the Speed Dating Networking Sessions, where I got the wonderful opportunity to connect with amazing professionals who share my industry passion and purpose-aligned goals. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to upskill in both soft and hard skills that are crucial for success in the business and marketing industry."

Testimonial from rising star, Mansi Patel, a final year Marketing student


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