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PSG Optimi Rebrand

What if we could reposition PSG’s education group to become a branded African icon?



Rename and reposition PSG’s education group Futurelearn to unlock scalable growth and unify their education brands.


What if, during the rename of FutureLearn,

we could simplify navigation and start with simple functional positioning to ensure we become top of mind for all your learning needs?

  • Coinable Group Name

  • Iconic brand identity

  • Simplified navigation

  • Functional strong positioning


  • Create a unified group

  • Building distinct brand equity

  • Aiding internal brand alignment and culture building

  • Ease of stakeholder navigation and engagement

"The engagement was led by Madelaine Keyser, Director and Head of Brand Strategy at Think Leverage. During our interactions, she engaged with senior management as a strategic mentor, providing a fresh perspective on our business strategy and brand messaging. Madelaine provided vital strategic input to our EXCO and broader management team in establishing an exciting new brand, which was instrumental in our successful business growth over the past 2 years.

I believe Think Leverage would be an asset to any organisation who would like to differentiate their brand based on sound insights and competitive brand positioning."

Stefan Botha, Chief Executive Officer at Optimi Group


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