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Marketing Strategists

“You can’t read the label from inside the bottle”


"We are a dynamic team of unconventional marketing strategists who will inspire you, energise you and enable you to find new innovative ways to connect with your market smarter, faster."

Working with agencies, in-house marketing teams and select entrepreneurs and executives who want to change the way they market themselves. From conducting market studies, crafting your brand strategy, to bringing you disruptive marketing tactics to facilitating brainstorms, strategy break aways and training on digital, strategy and creativity. 

We believe with enough imagination, brilliance and simplicity the amount of leverage we can create together is endless.


Madelaine has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, having built a reputation for developing unconventional marketing solutions. Finding smarter, faster ways for her clients and her network to create more leverage. She leads, facilitates and trains with passion.


Her unique leverage lies in the fact that she has experience in building brands to grow businesses, where she has gained 14 years experience across media, brand and creative strategy. In 2015 M&M Global recognized Madelaine as one of the top 24 Millennials across the globe who’s set to shape the future of the marketing industry.

Madelaine Keyser



Peter is passionate about building world class African brands at scale, ensuring we develop and enable local entrepreneurship in the process. Taking the best of local to global platforms.

With over 20 years experience in the media and advertising industry Peter challenges the status quo and has on many occasions ventured beyond the  boundaries of media, creating new revenue streams for his agencies and corporate clients. Known for his unconventional and innovative approach as well as his ability to play devil’s advocate, Peter believes in driving creativity that’s grounded in strong logic.

Peter Monaise


Ready to connect to your
market smarter, faster?

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