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We connect you to your market smarter, faster

We are unconventional marketing strategists who like to get our hands dirty and our nerd on. Getting entrenched in the businesses of our clients and viewing each project as an exciting new adventure.

We believe everyone needs to be enabled along the journey.



Think Leverage doesn’t just develop strategies but ensures that we identify opportunities to upskill your team as we go and enable you with tools to be able to do more yourself. We train on a variety of topics:

  • Marketing Strategy 

  • Digital 

  • Research 

  • Creativity 

  • Facilitation

The foundation of any great strategy is great insight which starts by asking the right people the right questions. That’s why we always start with proper research to understand what makes your customers and future customers tick, your competitors’ advantage, future trends and your unique leverage. 


Each project is tailored based on your unique needs and the type of research we normally cover:

  • Customer Interviews

  • Mobile Surveys

  • In-store Visits

  • Desktop Research 

  • Market size studies

“If I had an hour to solve a problem, I would spend the first 55 minutes thinking of the proper question to ask” - Albert Einstein

Start by asking the right questions

Market Research


We believe in co-creating your marketing strategy with you from the inside out following a tried and tested strategy model we have developed over the years. 


  • Align to Business Strategy 

  • Brand Strategy 

  • Communication Strategy 

  • Channel Strategy 

  • Brand Experience 

  • Measurement and Feedback 

And that’s why we believe every interaction and every touch point matters.

Brands are built around a braai..

Marketing Strategy


Alignment. Clarity. Re-energising. Inspiring.



Teamwork makes the dream work.
Think Leverage has refined a series of workshop models which will be tailored to your desired outcomes. To date we’ve found 3 key workshop formats to be highly effective in facilitating team alignment, creativity and problem solving.

• Distillery 
Pick your battles doing less things more impactfully – interrogate your key challenges and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses determining your key priority segments and key actions to be taken. 

• Fresh Perspective

Looking at key insights from in and outside of category best practice both locally and internationally, key competitors and your customers and lost customers – let’s come to fresh hunches and solutions. 

• Blue Sky 

Brainstorm and develop creative solutions from quick wins to long term solutions.



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